Agency: Dangerfield Talent
Casting Frontier

Height: 6’0”   Hair: Light Brown   Eyes: Blue

Let's Bury the Hatchet    (Lead)           Bryan Hiltner
Throng: It's a Lie!       (Supporting)     Zach Persson 
Hey, Hey, Hey (music video) (Supporting)   Jon Meyer 
sLipPage                  (Lead)           Bryan Hiltner
C'mon Doll(music video)   (Lead)           Jon Meyer
Bad Signs                 (Supporting)     Chris Wilson
The Shared Dream          (Lead)           Bryan Hiltner
Engage-Fail               (Supporting)     Bryan Hiltner
For the Benefit of Others (Lead)           Bryan Hiltner
The Red Carnation         (Lead)           Charles Park
Un Human                  (Supporting)     Devon Gidley
Four Blue Chairs          (Lead)           NW Film Center

Legacy of Oden        (On-camera Narrator) Bryan Hiltner
Freelance                 (Series Regular) Kelsey Lukens
Dumb Geeks, "Future Son"  (Co-Star)        Bryan Hiltner
The Free Box #27          (Co-Star)        Jon Meyer
Leverage #207             (Featured Extra) Dean Devlin

Beaux Arts Club           (Humphrey)       Imago Theatre
For the Time Being        (Herod)          Claire Willett
24 Hr. Play Festival      (Wesley)         Jamestown Productions
A Postcard for Wendy   (Author, Performer) ScratchPDX  
Triptych Americana        (Benny, Rich)    Karen Alexander-Brown
Jerusalem Story           (Rabbi Lawrence) Jeremy Benjamin
Breakfast Knives          (Dream Jillian)  Dug Martell
The Good News             (Cop)            Edward Lyons
Tooth of Crime - Second Dance (Meera)      Dug Martell
Not Me                    (Dr. Fraued)     Barbara Kite
In a Red and Blue Mood (Author, Performer) ScratchPDX
How the Light Gets In     (Father Pascal)  Jessica Nikkel
T6                     (Author, Performer) ScratchPDX
Snow White                (Magic Mirror)   Spokane Children’s Theatre
The Great Cross-Country Race (Mr. Fleet)   Spokane Children’s Theatre
A Christmas Carol         (Fred)           Actor’s Theatre Studio


M.F.A., Yale School of Drama [Technical Design & Production].
B.A., Eastern Washington University [Theatre].

Mastery of Acting Workshop - Barbara Kite (on-going).
Acting for the Camera - Ted Rooney.
Inside the Recording Studio - Sharon Bierut.
Voice-Over workshop - Russ Gorsline, Rex Post Studio.
Improv - Stacey Hallal & Bob Ladewig, Curious Comedy Theatre.
Voice, Acting Shakespeare - Devon Allen.
Aerial Silks - Gemma Adams, Night Flight Aerial Studio.
Aerial Conditioning - Allison Schnur, Night Flight (on-going).
Clown Through Mask, Joey and Auguste - Sue Morrison, Toronto.

Last update: 07-Feb-2013

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