Wednesday, April 18, 2012

C'mon Doll

Earlier this month I performed in a music video for the Seattle band My Goodness.  This video was conceived, directed, photographed, and edited by the amazing Jon Meyer.  It turned out wonderfully well, and has been released on the U.K. music magazine web site to promote the band's upcoming U.K. tour.

Last fall, Jon Meyer had asked me to perform in a music video he was planning because he wanted an actor who could handle some aerial work.  I enthusiastically agreed.  Unfortunately, the project never received funding.  Eventually, that project evolved into the one you see here, and luckily for me, Jon decided to keep me as the lead character.  Working with Jon is always rewarding because he is willing to take risks and exploit the synergies that develop between his actors and the material.  Yet even when we were improvising, he maintained a very clear sense of what was working and what was not.  This allowed a great amount of freedom in developing the performance.  The other aspect of this project that was unexpectedly interesting is that since we had no live sound, Jon was able to direct us from behind the camera as we were shooting.  It was not unlike the way the way silent films were directed in the 1920's.

Since its initial release, the "C'mon Doll" video has made it onto a number of music web sites.
Here is a short "behind the scenes" video about making the video:

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